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Where to find me nowadays

Well not really so much... I'm just posting to let everyone know that I am going to be more active again online.

If there is someone that wants to take over the Tokidoki community I am the mod of please just let me know. I'm not really on Live Journal anymore so someone else would be awesome.  tokiholics is pretty much a dead community but if someone wants to revive it then feel free to contact me to do so.

If you want to keep in touch with me more then visit my various blogsYou can also add me on Facebook, follow me on @tehlilone on Twitter, or connect on Linked In

I probably won't be updating this journal any more so check/ follow me on those :)

- Jenn
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Someone on eBay bought my famgilia dolce... so now what I want is as follows... something cheap in arancia and something cheap in famiglia... so I have one of each print :D but yeah doesn't really matter what it is

I went through what styles/prints I need and here they are

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Today in LA

So today we ventured off into LA to go to Munky King's Sale... I was super sad tho cuz when we got there they were on a break then while we were shopping in other stores they reopened and someone bought the last of the item I wanted T.T

I ended up getting 4 blind box Yummy Donuts (got orange, egg, donut, and happy toast) and a Gloomy Rocket Plushie. Plus I got this cool seal from one of the asiany stores in China Town.

We went to the Melrose Munky King and I ended up getting this cute print by Horvath and Bwana Spoons I think? It was only $27.06 total :) 2/50 hehe... I'll post a pic when I upload them UPLOADED :)

Anywhoo... we went to Japan LA and I got one of their hello kitty grab bags and it was awesome... we went to UO after that and I got a Kurt Halsey cloud bank for $4.99 + tax

We were on our way home when we decided to get another grab bag for $40.00

Very cool.
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SDCC Exclusives

It's that time of year again! SDCC is coming up and there's already cool exclusives posted about the web... Some things I really want are the following... who knows what I'll actually get tho ;) I'll update this from time to time as more exclusives are announced weeeeeee

Sideshow Collectables
Other Vinyl
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Weee I live!

I haven't truly been online in forever... If anyone posts on the communities honestly that was my bf and he handled most of my selling stuff for the last several months as I lost interest in doing so but still have tons of debt!! So we're selling parts of my collection off but since I'm reluctant he's doing it. Also, I've been keeping away from online life so I don't have so many urges to buy buy buy...

On a side note, I don't have a complete toki collection anymore (1 bag per print)... we sold my arancia dolce which I had traded with someone because I wasn't completely in love with it and I needed to weed out my collection. What makes me sad about that is I don't have any more arancia and that was a really cute arancia bag T.T but it was the first and only in our first round of toki bags on eBay much to my dismay T.T if we had sold other bags first I would've kept that bag... Also sold my L'amore Dolce and a Notte Dolce (but alas I have a second Notte dolce floating around) AHHHH so not fair.

This last round we sold my original black ciao ciao... it was my third bag... the first one I bought by myself... I'm so sad T.T we haven't mailed it yet but I'm staying away from it in fear that I will cling and refund the money. Considering I got the bag over a year ago for $70+ and I sold it for $200+ after shipping I'd say it was well worth the investment... but it was the first bag I really bought! ahh. who knew you could get attached to things. We also sold a notte braccialetto (which my bf had spelled braccioletto accidently) and yupp. I is the sad....

Out of my vinyl/plush collection so far only one of my thomas han quigglies have left it's friends... we have several more that are up including my inventsville set + tree which was my first case purchase T.T and my GID Scarecrow Liberty which is awesome I might add. I had 9 watchers on the liberty but no takers XD teasers they are!

My debt + helping my parents try to not lose their house to foreclosure has caused my collection to dwindle but I'm still keeping a majority of what I really want. Hopefully it won't come to the day where I have to sell everything but a few but I'm hoping not *crosses fingers*
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Friends With You Mimobot

I am loving the new friends with you mimobots coming out this year. They're so adorable! I really want the Buddy Chub and I haven't decided which malfi but I'm leaning towards the super one... but the sad one is cute too... and the regular malfi... I want them all!

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EBAY AUCTIONS END TODAY: Spiaggia Stellina, L'amore Portatelefono, Paradiso Canguro

I really want my bags to go to good homes and today is the last day for bids :( And to be honest my birthday is on Sunday and I could really use the cash XD I've done a number of sales and trades via eBay, LJ, and various forums so don't be afraid to buy! I do combine shipping also!

Two bags have only 1 bid each while the 3rd doesn't have any bids at all! only 6 hrs left!!!

 If you're international let me know at least 1 hr before the end of the auction or either be aware of international costs and/or the possibility of nullifying our transaction :) Thank you!



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I've been busy lately so I haven't been checking out my usual places... blah I'm missing so many deals but I'm so broke already lol... anywhoo that's all for now I will be updated more later. New stuff will be added to be sold because I got myself a puppy! and he needs things lol