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Tehlilone's Personal Journal

My collections ^__^

27 January 1987
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still under construction


Hi, for the longest time this journal was just for quizzes, memes, and surveys. Now I'm putting it to use to sell/buy stuff :)

::Buying Terms::

- Please ask questions and request pictures prior to buying. I am willing to give you any/all information that you need :) I don't do returns or refunds however.
- Trading is possible, must mail on same day with tracking
- I will ship anywhere in the US (preferably with media mail). If elsewhere please contact prior to bidding for approval.
- I am not responsible for the package once it is shipped. Insurance is always recommended but not required.
- If you have any questions or concerns before or after receiving your item(s) please contact me at sillymunchkin(at)gmail(dot)com. It doesn't hurt to contact me as I will discuss things on a case-by-case basis

::Payment Methods::

- PAYPAL Preferred (Doesn't matter if CC or non-CC, eChecks need to be cleared before item is shipped)
- Postal Money Order (other money orders may be problematic with banks)- Must be cleared prior to item shipment
- Cashier's Check- Must be cleared prior to item shipment
- Other methods can be discussed if buyer has no other choice

::Thank You for Visiting::
Please visit my eBay account since I will be selling things periodically.

Random Information!